Personnel training

We provide various personnel trainings. In groups of up to 15 people we provide explanations and let employees in their own online environment become acquainted with the applications that fit their employment conditions.

Two examples of our personnel training are:

  • Portal training
    Every insurer has an online portal in which participants can find information about their pension. It is the most important tool for gaining insight into the personal pension situation. During the training the participant learns to make the right choices. About investments, early retirement and the like.
  • Training RiskProfiler
    The RiskProfiler is an application developed by Söderberg & Partners that translates the risk capacity and tolerance into a risk profile through clear steps. This means that every employee is able to choose the investment mix in his / her pension scheme that fits best.

Our solutions


Tools to support virtually all aspects of financial advisory practice.


Tool to determine risk capacity and risk appetite for employee / participant.

Personal explanation & advice

Personal financial interview with expert adviser, to take financial control yourself.

Personnel training

Log in to employee portal for pension insight and financial perspective.

Personnel communication

Creating and executing communication with discussion partners.